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Jan 8, 2016:Bifocal Media just put out a limited run of Brian Walsby designed shirts. Get them while u can!
Jan 7, 2016:we almost made it to Canada on this last trip east hopefully this April fingers crossed x #stillscreaming
Jan 7, 2016:@WeGotToKnow @dcpete @930Club DOH! Cool as you know our time was limited to allow all the artists that contributed #docnightlives
Jan 7, 2016:RT @dcpete: @WeGotToKnow @930Club @screamdc Honored 2 b featured we just played DC last Sat. night Check for more s?
Jan 5, 2016:RT @parshallythere: Um. Im seeing Scream. Jesus balls. @screamdc @GreatScottROCK #scream #fuck2016